Cypress Cove Nude-A-Palooza

UPDATE:  Thank you to everyone who came and made Nude-A-Palooza such a great event and congratulations to the winners!  To claim your prize, drawing winners must send an email to with a picture of the corresponding winning ticket.  Prizes must be claimed within 7 days.

Bare Necessities Cruise winning ticket: Congrats Amy from Solivita!


$1,000 in Visa Gift cards winning ticket: Still Unclaimed


Cheesecake for a Year winning ticket: Congrats Moe!


A BIG thank you to Cypress Cove for inviting The Ribbon Riders to be a big part of your Nude-a-Palooza this past weekend to raise money for our cause! What a wonderful day and a great fundraiser for The Ribbon Riders! More info to come after we get our final numbers … but we can’t thank Regis & Peter & the wonderful staff at Cypress Cove enough for including us!

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Cypress Cove is proud to present the 11th Annual Nude-A-Palooza Charity Benefit Tribute Band Concert!

Join us for THE event of the year at Cypress Cove! A stage is set up and we gather on the big lawn by the lake for an all-day music festival!

This year’s Nude-A-Palooza features tributes to the following artists: Buddy Holly, The Carpenters, Donna Summer, Huey Lewis, Beyoncé, and Aerosmith. Six bands for just $30! Want to tent camp for the weekend? We also have a combo ticket that includes tent camping for only $55!

The music starts at Noon. We’ll have food and beverages available for sale. (No outside food or beverages allowed.) Clothing is optional! Bring a chair or towel to sit on. Come dance or just kick back and enjoy the music! And you can feel good about contributing to this great cause – proceeds go to a charity that directly benefits cancer patients.

We will also be doing a raffle for a Bare Necessities Cruise! If you purchase them before October 20th, you can get 40 raffle tickets for $20, giving you 40 chances to win, and proceeds go to charity. Buy as many $20 blocks as you want! How can you pass up a chance to win a cabin on a nude cruise?! Raffle will be held at the Nude-A-Palooza Concert Series. Must be present to win.

Click on the image below to purchase tickets.


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