Our Story

We’re a compassionate group of survivors, caregivers and neighbors who ride against the winds of breast cancer.

Ribbon Riders, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization whose mission is to provide direct financial, emotional and physical support to women and men battling breast cancer in Central Florida. We’re working professionals, mothers, sisters and daughters who found purpose in our community through our love of motorcycles. Our riding unites us, but making a difference in the lives of those in need is what fires up the engines.

Seven women founded Ribbon Riders in 2008 after each witnessing the struggles that those fighting breast cancer must endure. Breast cancer affected each founding member differently. Some were affected directly, others through a family member or friend. Regardless of which road they faced, each founder discovered that the ill effects of the disease aren’t solely internal. Breast cancer takes its toll on all aspects of daily life. From this state of uncertainty, a desire for change was ignited and hope was born.

Since inception the mission has been clear—to provide hope, relief and assistance to those battling breast cancer. And to raise awareness, not just about breast cancer, but about the financial and emotional burden placed upon those who must undergo treatment. Our funds aid breast cancer patients struggling to make ends meet due to these added financial pressures. All of our members volunteer their time and resources, without monetary compensation, to assure that we help as many patients as possible.

During year one we doubled membership, raffled a motorcycle, hosted local bike shows, and strained our bike’s odometers as numerous charity events got their first, but not last, visit from the Ribbon Riders. To date we have helped more than 260 Central Florida patients, providing close to $500,000 of financial assistance. We continue to travel across Central Florida attending community events and motorcycle-centric activities in an effort to raise funds and promote breast cancer awareness. Since the beginning and to this day, every dollar raised remains within the local community.

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Become A Volunteer

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